The Symbiotic Relationship

Welcome to Social Work & Politics. This website is dedicated to the intersection of social work practice and the political system. Every day, social work practitioners find themselves face-to-face with the consequences of public policies. Inadequate nutrition for low-income children, poorly resourced child welfare services, inaccessible health care services, institutional racism, to name just a few. The political system represents a venue for addressing the grand challenges of the profession in the coming decade. And yet, all too often social workers absent themselves from the policy-making process, either because they have little interest in it, or because they feel they have inadequate knowledge and experience to be effective in a public policy-making capacity.

This website is a resource for social workers who want to know more about influencing the policy-making process. It will discuss historic social and political activism of social workers, as well as current efforts social workers are making to change systems and influence public policy. To that end, the website will chronicle the efforts of social workers seeking public office. Readers will learn the ins and outs of running for office from individuals managing full-time professional practices.

In addition, stay tuned the Social Work & Politics podcast. This will accompany posts on this website, and will also include conversations with students, activists, academics, elected officials, and more.


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